Why do I need Facebook Ads for successful marketing?

Facebook Ads helps you introduce yourself and your products or services effectively to a mass market. 

Successful Facebook-Marketing is one of the crucial parts of Online Marketing. There are over 1.5 billion Facebook users around the world and a majority of them use this social network on a daily basis to connect with friends and check their newsfeeds. This massive potential audience makes Facebook one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the internet.

However, it is not only its massive reach that makes advertising on Facebook so important, it is also the fact that it helps target exactly the audience you want to reach: Facebook Ads enables you to adress users directly with your advertising according to the information they have shared on their Facebook profiles. It offers various targeting filters based on demographical and geographical criteria as well as interests and social context. Facebook Ads can thus help you reach your specific audience more effectively.

Your Facebook Ads will not only reach the specifically filtered target audience, every targeted user can also share your ad on Facebook with his/her friends, which even increases the outreach of your ad. This is one of the most important differences to search engine advertising.


Goals of Facebook Marketing:

  • Increase the popularity of your Facebook page
  • Promote contents and features on Facebook
  • Find new members of your target audience
  • Increase the number of your fans
  • Promote your website
  • Promote events


What can Facebook Ads do for opera singers or conductors in particular:

  • Create a brand 
  • Increase your popularity to enhance your engagement possiblities
  • Create a fanbase

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