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Online Marketing and Social Media Markting have become more important than ever in the WEB 2.0

The internet has been revolutionized over the past ten years, leading to a complete change in classic advertising and public relation strategies.

Many new global players like Facebook, Youtube, Xing, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Yelp, Picasa, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have been introduced and have quickly reached enormous significance in the marketing and PR world.

According to a recent estimate, there are currently around one trillion (1,000 million) websites on the internet. Only around 15% of them are indexed on Google. It is therefore necessary to work actively against disappearing in the World Wide Web. Everyone wants to be easily found on Google, Facebook or YouTube in order to sell their goods or present themselves – and this is where my team and I can professionally support you.

I have been working in cultural and event marketing since 1992 and have counseled numerous international opera singers, conductors, composers, festivals, museums, opera houses and organisations in classic public relations (newspapers, radio, television). A pioneer in opera marketing, my company already launched the first websites for artists in 2001.

As expert in Online Marketing, certified by the Austrian Standard Plus GmbH, and Social Media Designer (Wifi Wien) I support my clients in being one step ahead of their competitors in the World Wide Web. 

Paul Steinhauer, CEO

Vienna, 2015





Successfull online marketing for opera singers and conductors

Your goal is to increase your popularity and your engagement opportunities? This is where I come in: with years of experience in the field, I support you in professionally planning your online presentation and marketing campaign in order to increase your chances to succeed as an artist.

The internet has become the number one source of information in today’s world - three thirds of the Western world are connected online today. Also the arts have come to use the internet intensively to acquire information: singers and conductors are frequently tracked down on YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Agents as well as opera and concert hall directors regularly use these online tools to find, judge and eventually hire artists.

Online marketing helps artists to make their information accessible 24/7 – it thus helps increase coverage to a maximum while keeping the costs low. Tailored campaigns by Google Ads and Facebook can further contribute to effective online marketing.

It is therefore of utmost importance to professionally optimize your internet presentation as the first step to successful OnlineMarketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps you to better address your target group online and guide them directly to your own website

This, however, is easier said than done. There is a lot of competition out there, and it is therefore particularly important to stand out from the crowd by applying professional social media marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing uses the increasingly booming social networks like Facebook or Twitter for targeted marketing strategies. It is currently the most important trend in online marketing, which has made the use of SMM indispensable today.

The opportunities of Social-Media-Marketing are endless, and the high number of users of social networks means high coverage at comparatively low costs. Target groups can be identified and addressed directly based on the information the users have shared on social networks – SMM can thus for example help to increase the popularity and image of artists and lead interested users directly to their websites.

Social-Media-Marketing nowadays has a lot of different aspects. On this website, I would like to inform you on the newest trends and developments of SociaMediaMarketing. 

Webdesign and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

My team will create your website in Redaxo or Wordpress according to the newest SEO principles, which guarantee it will be easily found on Google. The website is being programmed in the so-called responsive design and can therefore easily adapt to all devices like smart phones, tablets or PCs.


Optimization and Relaunching of existing websites

The first step in improving an existing website is to apply search engine optimization – that´s often easier said than done:

Google - as global market leader - thoroughly analyzes all websites. In Germany alone, Google reaches 90% coverage and 240 million search queries per day. Therefore, the right keyword research is the most essential but also most difficult task in search engine optimization (SEO).

As an example, I have used different spellings of the term „social media marketing“ on this website – the reason is simple: people search for this term on Google, and they do so with different spellings (social media marketing, SocialMediaMarketing, social media markting – even with spelling errors). By using different spellings on my website, the site is found more easily by people looking for this particular term – this strategy increases the number of visits on my website.

Another important aspect of SEO is the so-called Page-Rank: it indicates the probability of a website being listed at the top of Google search results  - if your website is not listed on the first page of a Google search, you are lost – nobody checks out the 20th entry on a hit list.

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